Don’t know where to start


Don’t know where to start on your fitness journey?


So you say you don’t know where to start on your weight loss or fitness journey.  I can relate I’ve been there done that got the tee shirt seen the movie hahaha!!! I was the same way when I started and failed so many times I lost count. It was so discouraged that I thought I would never get anywhere. I started making every excuse I the book. What excuses do you make for yourself?


I was starting to get concerned about my health. I had high blood pressure, was on puffers for my breathing, and my Sciatica pain was almost unbearable on a lot of days.  I was in my late 40’s and early 50’s but felt like I was in my 60’s or 70’s and was starting to think of myself as an old man. Moving was an effort and I tried to avoid strenuous activity as much as possible. I was getting lazy and turning into a couch potato. Have you ever felt that way?


I tried for several years to lose weight and get in shape with little to no success and I gave up. I wish I would have had someone that was willing to reach out and encourage and advise me then. I still find it hard to believe I have had the success that I have had and still feel like I got so far to go but then I look at myself and I realize how far I have come and I am amazed at my success. I am quite proud of my achievement and hope I am not coming across as cocky but I want you to feel this way too and have this great feeling. You can do it too, it is not rocket science but I will be honest it is a lot of work and requires a heap of commitment, willpower, and determination. It is not easy but it is so very worth it. If you would like to experience this and would like to have me help you along the way keep reading.


Now where to start:


  • Eat healthier
  • Reduce portion size
  • Cut out or reduce junk food and pop
  • Stop excess munching
  • Plan meals and snacks
  • Track calories and macros
  • Monitor your weight
  • Take body measurements
  • Get lots of rest
  • Walk regularly
  • Get 10000 steps a day
  • Move frequently
  • Do strength training
  • Drink Plenty of water

Eating healthy


Grains and starchy foods are turned to sugar in the body and are as bad as too much excess sugar. The moment the starch enters your mouth and digestive system the complex sugars (starch) are being converted to simple sugar and contribute to the rise of blood sugar the same as with sugar. This rise in glucose (blood sugar) causes a corresponding rise in insulin. This can lead to both obesity and diabetes.


Portion size


Reducing portion size and number of portions can allow you to continue to eat some of your favorite foods that may not necessarily be the most healthy ones. Now I still think you should limit the amount of ‘bad foods’ but you don’t have to completely avoid them. I subscribe to the 80/20 rule where 80 percent of your food is healthy and 20 percent is the food we like.

Cut out or reduce junk food and pop


Junk food such as chips, candy, chocolate bars and pop of juice drinks are either very high in carbs or sugar or both and will cause an excess of glucose in your body which will get stored as fat in your body. Try to have healthier snacks and drinks. I have not had pop since Aug of 2015 and I used to be a 4 or 5 a day pop drinker. I have also replaced the sugar in my coffee with sweetener. I still occasionally have some chips and chocolate but on a very very limited basis but I stopped them for months until I broke the habit and addiction Consider making these changes today.


Stop excess munching


Like I mentioned above you don’t have to completely stop your fav foods but eat them in moderation particularly in the evening after your last meal while relaxing with your favorite show or book. I call this type of binge eating, “eating on auto-pilot” and you’re not really paying attention to how much you are really consuming. This is very dangerous and damaging behavior and is one of my biggest weaknesses. Is it yours too?


Plan your meals and snacks.


While it is important to track and monitor your food as you eat it and stay accountable to it another great way to handle this is planning your meals and snacks. I do this and find it really helps. I plan ahead my breakfast, work lunch and snack for the work week ahead of time. I also prep them on the weekend as much as possible to save time and effort which has the side benefit of reducing stress as well.


Track Calories and Macros


You need to keep track of what you eat and the effect it will have on your body. Calories are the most important to watch. You need to figure out how many calories you need a day and stay slightly below that level on a daily basis. There are many online calculators to figure this out. Macros are also important to examine. See my post on Macros (link here) to learn more.


Monitor your Weight


You should check your weight on a weekly basis and no more in the beginning because your weight fluctuates daily and you don’t want to get discouraged but you do need to see if your efforts are working or if you need to adjust. Another trick is to add up multiple results and take an average.

Take body Measurements


Like tracking your weight frequent body measurements such as waist, chest, hips, arms, thighs neck etc. can show your fat loss and muscle gains more accurately than a scale as the scale doesn’t always show a loss even if you are actually losing body fat as you might at the same time be gaining muscle weight. Keeping a log of your measurements over time can be quite enlightening.


Get lots of Rest


Getting plenty of sleep is very important for recovery and muscle development/repair/rebuilding and it is so critical that I would even say if a choice needed to be made between getting enough sleep or doing a workout skip the workout and sleep.

Rest or recovery days are also important because contrary to popular belief muscle doesn’t get created during exercise but actually during the recovery time. Muscle tissue is torn down during physical activity and rebuilt later while resting particularly during sleep.


Walking Regularly


Regular walks are great for your cardiovascular system and lung function which will increase your endurance and health. Walking is also one of the best  Fat burning activities you can do.


Get 10000 Steps a Day


It is recommended to get 10000 steps a day to counter the secondary habits modern life brings. It is best if these are broken up and divided over the course of the day so that you have a least 6 hours with activity in them.


Move Frequently


Getting up and moving around often whether it is a trip to the water cooler or just a stroll around the room to stretch movement is important to keep the body flexible and to keep the metabolism fired up.


Do Strength Training


Strength training with weights resistance bands or even body weight will help to build up your muscles and strength and slow down or reverse the aging process on your body. In addition,n the use of the big muscles such as the hips and hamstrings burn lots of calories helping in your weight loss.




Drink Plenty of water

Make sure to drink lots of water. The average person should aim to drink about a gallon of water a day to properly hydrate your body and flush wastes and toxins.


I will dive deeper into each of these in the coming weeks but in the meantime,e I got a challenge for you. In the comment section below list the most common excuses you use to avoid exercise, eating healthy, losing weight or any of the other items I listed above, Come on you know you make excuses we all do even the most dedicated make them once in a while. Be a sport and share yours we can support and encourage each other but we need to be honest with ourselves and others first to be able to accomplish that.  I look forward to your feedback and leave your opinion of this post too if you like and remember to share with your friends. If you want to contact me you can email me at and be sure to follow my Facebook page www.Facebook/fitnessaftere55 and join the fitnessafter55 Facebook group. Follow me on Twitter at @brakemna2129, Instagram at terryjackson61 and Pinterest also at terryjackson61. Take care till we meet again and rember to share a smile today and pay it forward.


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