Intermittent Fasting: A better way to lose weight and live healthy

To Eat or NOT to Eat that is the Question


Today I’d like to talk to you about something that’s very effective at that getting your weight under control and helping your body be a lot healthier and works on also works on detoxification and helps your body get rid of old dead cell material that’s no longer needed it’s called Intermittent Fasting. There are various forms of fasting but the one that like to speak about today it’s called Intermittent Fasting it’s the simplest and easiest one to do when you’re first starting out. It  basically involves eating during a specific time of the day for set number of hours and then refraining from any intake of calories for the remaining portion of the day. The most popular and easiest for the beginner it’s called 16/8 Intermittent Fasting. This one involves where you eat an 8-hour window and refrain from eating found the other 16 hours usually including the sleep time of 8 hours which produces the actual number of hours that we are awake and not eating. Simplest way to do this is to stop getting a few hours before bedtime then sleep your required number of hours of sleep then skip breakfast in the morning and have your first meal later on in the morning or at noon whatever gives you your 16 hours. My preferred schedule is 8:00 at night on till noon the next day,  but you can set any schedule time schedule you want that suits your lifestyle.

Why Should I do this

There are several reasons why Intermittent Fasting is effective including but not only by having your all your calories in a set time frame it reduces the chance of inadvertently going over also every time you eat your body secretes insulin and Insulin has two jobs in the body one is to Signal the cells to open their gates to receive glucose and secondly to store any excess glucose as fat. Another thing continued increased insulin levels causes insulin resistance causing the the cells to be less receptive of insulin creating a situation where the body has to continually release more insulin causing more resistance in a vicious cycle eventually leading to type II diabetes.


Let’s drain the tank

Intermittent Fasting also allows the body to use up it’s reserves of glucose in the liver and muscle tissue causing the body to switch to fat burning mode. Once in this mode the body will use the body’s,,.  stored fat as ‘food’ and that will fuel the body for the duration of the fast.

Another advantage of intermittent fasting is apothecary which is a process where the body recycles the old dead cells and tissue into new proteins and glucose (as the body still uses some glucose from the brain while in fat burning mode)  thus helping the body to cleanse itself  of useless cellular material which may lead to cancer cells. Speaking of cancer being a fat burner as opposed to a sugar burning may prevent or even cure cancer as cancer cells can only survive on glucose and can’t metabolize fat whereas healthy cells can burn either and actually prefer fat once they are adjusted to it.


An Octane Boost for your Engine


Intermittent Fasting causes the body to switch over to burning fat instead of sugar and once the body has adapted and learned how to do this it is much more efficient at fueling itself. Burning fat is an ancient and natural way for the body as our ancient ancestors spent most of their lives in this mode but our modern processed low fat high sugar/starch foods have gotten our bodies used to sugar which is easier for the body to burn making it lazy. Once the body relearns it’s natural process for burning Fat you will find fat is a better and more powerful fuel than sugar. By Intermittent Fasting we deplete the glucose and glycogen stores in the liver and muscles and the body naturally switches to fat. Once burning fat, which usually takes 12 to 16 hours, you will find not only is there no loss of energy or stamina but in most people you will actually have an increase in both due to the release of Adrenalin by body and an accompanying raise in growth hormone. This is a great time to exercise as working out while fasting will build more muscle ans faster than the same activity in the Fed state. You will also experience an increase in cognitive function and think clearer with better memory as the brain works better on fatty-acids and ketones and although the brain does require some glucose to function the body can produce enough of this from fats and protein and also while in the fat burning mode it shifts over to a condition where it reserves the limited amount of Glucose in the body specifically for the brain thus maintaining and even boosting the brains functions.

Timing is the key

There are various schedules of Intermittent Fasting such as 16:* 20:4 24 hour (once a day eating) as well as alternate day fasting (where you eat normal but only every second day and fast the other) and then there are other methods of Fasting besides IF like 48, 72 96 hour hour fasts or 7 day and longer extended fasts with water only.I personally do 16:8 with the occasional 20:4 or 24 hour just to mix it up and every so often I will do a 36 , 40 or 48 hour one approx once every month or two. Each person must find what works best for them by experimentation.


There are many other benefits to fasting and I will get more into each of them in later posts. I will cover the benefits of the various methods and their pros and cons in the future but if you have any specific questions leave a comment below. If I don’t know the answer I will find out for you and research it as Ig is a learning process for me too. You never know it all and the journey is as much about the learning as the doing.


I would like to recommend “ The Complete Guide to Fasting “ by Dr Jason Fung as a great resource for learning all about this very beneficial process. Until next time be sure to comment or leave me an email at

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