Review of MyFitnessPal

Review of MyFitnessPal


Product:                 MyFitnessPal

Price:                     Free

However there is a Premium option

Purpose:                Weight loss site

Benefits:                 Community support and feedback and peer accountability

Who can Benefit:   Anyone interested in losing weight and looking for support

Ranking:                  9  out of 10

Website:                  www.MyFitnessPal .com

Features:                Food and exercise logging

Progress tracking

Nutritional analysis

Private messages

Newsfeed for commenting and posting statuses

Website Overview

This is a site for food and exercise tracking as well as a community of like minded people helping and supporting each other in their weight loss journeys. In addition to the food and exercise diary it has a progress tracker to track your weight, BF (Body fat %), and body measurements over time and graph them I has nutritional analysis of thousands of foods and combinations as well as a large database of food. You can custom create foods and it has the option to scan barcodes to look up food information on products.  There is a recipe section where you can import recipes from the web or manually enter them and use that to log home cooked meals and it also has the option to save frequently combined foods into a saved meal so one click logs them all. The community of friends is a very motivational and inspiring part of this site. A new feature is restaurant logging but it is not availible everywhere at the time of this writing.

Pros of this site

Simple to use

Keeps you on track and accountable

Lets you see exactly how much you are  eating

Lets you make new like minded friends

Allows you track you to works to see if you are progressing

Has a built in blog of fitness advice from professional trainers

Syncs with many other popular apps and devices


Some interesting features are locked out if you are not premium

Ocasional the app misbehaves while updates are being rolled out.

Some new features are only available in the USA

Who is the for

This site is for anyone wanting  to lose weight or eat as live healthier.

Tools/Training Overview

Food/exercise diary

Food nutritional database

Community forum

Nutritional analasis

Expert Blogs

Partnership with Under Armour Apps




Support is provided by Under Armor the owner of the site and there is an active community of Users.

Final Analysis

MyFitnessPal is is one of the best and most useful tools for anyone trying to lose weight and live healthy. I had struggled with my weight for years but within 18 months of starting with MFP I had lost 75 pounds and reached a weight I had not seen since High School 37 years ago. I believe MFP should be an essential part of anyone’s weight loss program. I believe I couldn’t have accomplished this without joining MyFitness pal. I you would like to know more about my journey or in particular or MyFitnessPal in general feel free to contact me at

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