Why too many Carbs are Bad

The current American Standard Diet  and Canadian Food Guide. Recommend a low fat and high carbon diet with moderate protein but are they right? Many recent studies and trials would suggest they are not. Why you ask? Well let me try and explain it in simple terms.


Carbs basically are sugars both  complex and simple and they get converted to glucose in the body.  Therefore they are a source of energy and fuel the body. Unfortunately most people over do it on a regular basis leading to weight gain.

Carbs follow into two categories, Good carbs and Bad carbs Good carbs are low in starch high in fiber and the bad carbs are the reverse. Root crops are higher in starch than leaf crops which are higher in fiber.

Carbs are converted into glucose ( blood sugar ) by the liver and any excess is that is not needed gets stored in the liver. Once the Liver reaches capacity of glucose the rest is converted to gat and stored as fatty acid in tje liver also. Once this store is full the balance of the fat is stored in the fat cells throughout the body.

It is not necessary to have a lot of carbs to have energy for your body as the body can rely on Fats for fuel ad well. In fact Fats release over double the energy when burnt by the body than carbs. Eating a diet of lower amounts of carbs and lots of Fats is called LCHF ( Low Carb High Fat ) If your Carbs are below 20 – 50 grams  it is called Ketogenic and there are lots of studies that show this is a very healthy way of eating with loads of health benefits.  Some of the benefits of this form of eating are.

The more refined a carb is the faster it is digested and converted to sugar and the bigger the spike in blood sugar and the corresponding rise in Insulin production. The sugar highs created by eating high levels of carbs give you an energy boost but it only lasts a few hours then you have an inevitable crash necessitating another in flux of carbs to maintain your energy levels. The resulting rollercoaster is not the ideal  situation to be in. Fat on the other hand is processed much slower and enters the bloodstream more slowly stretching the available energy over a longer period without a spike and provides a steady energy level.

Excess glucose produced by the body and not immediately used is stored in the liver and the excess gets converted to glycogen which then gets stored and can be converted back to glucose as needed. When the limit of glycogen is reached the any remainder is converted to Fat some of which is stored in the Liver and the rest is stored in the bodies Fat cells for later use.

So as you can see the Fats are much better for the body to use as fuel than sugar. I fully  believe that Low carb and High Fat is the way to go I would like you to do your own research and make your own decisions. Here is some resources t help you learn more.



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