Losing weight and getting fit: Where to Start

Where to Start

So you’re over 50 and you want to start lifting but don’t know where to start. Well that was me two years ago. I was 75 pounds overweight, had high blood pressure, my sciatica was severe, my breathing was bad. I had no energy or stamina and I felt like crap most of the time. I was 54 and felt like 64 or older. I limped most of the time because of the pain and had a hard time getting out of bed some days. That was before I had my epiphany.

Never give up fate will bring you the answer

As I explained in my opening post  I was involved in a accident at  work that lead to therapy. That was when the light went off in my head and I started on this Fitness journey I am on. I started researching ways to get in shape after 50 and found lots of information I never experienced before. I had been trying for years to lose weight using only my own limited knowledge and  ideas on fitness and was having no success or limited temporary success at best. I pumped my gym room manager at the therapy for advice and bought ebooks on the subject. That was the beginning of a new passion.

Accountability is the keystone

When I started losing weight while doing the physio without really trying I became obsessed with finding the answer that I knew was out there. I had obviously been going about it all wrong and that is why I was failing. My ‘knowlege’ of getting lean and fit was obviously flawed all along. My accident inadvertently opened to the door to the right way. I was now looking at the problem with new eyes in a whole different light. I started reading, watching videos and asking questions. I was sifting through tons of information, some good some not so much so. I began experimenting and testing stuff out. The best thing I ever did was to begin tracking and logging everything.

Understanding your food is an important concept

One facet of my program was the nutritional side so I used a food and exercise APP called MyFitnessPal and like many of others I came to understand that seeing what you were actually eating in a day, much of which you didn’t even realize, and that it was too much. I also discovered that by following trends in my calories, macros exercise and weight  I could see what effect different foods  and nutritional intake had on me. I was determined to find a healthy diet for men over 50 that I could adopt and adapt to my needs without giving up everything I loved to eat. I needed to understand what was happening to my body when I ate a particular this or that. MFP helped me with that.

How you move is just as important as what you eat

Another important cornerstone is your physical activity  So I searched for a fitness APP that could help me get in better shape.I tried several but settled on one called JEFit which is an workout tracker, analysis tool and log. It has tons of builtin routines and workouts and you can add custom ones too it. I have used it to design my my own strength training regiment which not only helps me burn fat but also helps me recover lost muscle mass as I age which is like slowing down the biological clock and also helps me tone my body for a leaner healthy younger looking physique. Another tool for my activity I have invested as time went on is an activity tracker. There are many of them out there but the one I chose is a Fitbit and I love it. It helps me to make sure I get 10000 steps in on most days. It provides the motivation I need to and the visibility of how active I have been and if I need to push a little harder or not. Except of course on rest days because they are important too and you need them so the body can recover repair and rebuild.

No cookie cutter solution

I could go on and on and ramble about this all night but you would be reading a novel and not a post in that case. Also I have to leave something to write about another time so you have something to read when you come back. There is so much information out there to find and I  am going to try and continue to bring it here for you as time goes on. There is no one cookie cutter solution so the more I can enlighten you the better position you will be in to determine what you need to do for yourself. That was one of my biggest lessons was I couldn’t just follow someone else’s plan I had to build my own custom one with the knowledge they provided. Do this for the you in the future and you won’t be sorry. I want to leave you with a few thoughts before I go.

Things to keep in mind

Accountability is crucial

Know your nutritional need

Understand your food

Keep track of everything you eat

Watch the trends

Log your workouts and activity

Have an exercise plan

Have rest days

Drink plenty of water

Do it for yourself and future you will thank you

Final Thoughts

In closing I would like to thank you for visiting my take on weight loss for men over 50 and encourage you to read some of my other posts and to come back in the future and see what I add down the road. I can only promise you that I will be as open and transparent about my journey and how I made it as possible and it is my sincere hope to help others achieve what I am. If I only help one other person who is suffering with a weight problem  then it was all more than worth it. Thanks again for reading my story. Please comment below and share your thought with me because we all learn and grow and become better people by sharing. Take care and be kind to each other.

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