Benifits of Walking

One of the earliest activities I started was walking which is something almost anyone can start with, it is super easy and actually can be quite enjoyable. Walking is an excellent exercise for men over 50 and a good way to burn calories as well it has tremendous benefits for your cardiovascular system. I love to walk now but it wasn’t always that way I can remember when I would see walkers or runners/joggers saying stuff like “Oh that’s gotta hurt” or “You’ll never catch me doing that” or “It’s way too early for that much energy” or even “ If you ever see me running you better run too because it must be an emergency”! Nowadays I look for excuses to go for a walk. Big change isn’t it. Trust me when I say if you start walking for your health and fitness it will soon grow on you and become a habit quickly.

You might say I can’t walk like that, or I am too sore or countless other excuses. I know I had them all too. Start small and work our way up. Begin by walking to the corner and back or if you are really out of shape to the end of the drive and back. Walk a at a pace that is comfortable at first even if it is really slow. Gradually increase both your pace and distance  until you can walk around the block.

As you gain distance and speed you will also gain confidence and stamina. You will start to want to see how much farther you can go. Now is the time to start pushing yourself a bit.

Sart your walk at a comfortable pace for 2 to 3 minutes to warm up your muscles.You should now increase your pace to the point where your breathing is such that you can still talk but it is a bit difficult. maintain this pace for a one to two minutes then slow to a comfortable walk for a couple minutes then increase to the higher pace again for one or two and sos on and so on. Continue to alternate for the duration of your walk except the last 5 minutes or so which should be at the slower pace to allow your heart rate to come back to normal slowly.

When you get  better at walking and reach a higher performance level incorporating a short 30 second running sprint at intervals during your workout is a great way to boost  the burn and in increase the cardio affect. The trick is to get the heart rate up into your fat burning zone and hold it there. That is the reason for the faster pace at the edge of your comfort zone.

After your walk it is important to stretch or walk it off at a relaxed pace to avoid muscle cramps. 

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